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12+1 tips for writing blogs

Escrito por Margarita Morales Esparza en Blogosphere · Friday 2 de March de 2012 ·

12+1 Consejos para escribir blogs de calidad

If you’re part of the blogosphere or you set out to introduce you to this, it is good to analyze the work you’ve done so far, or that take into account ideas and tips to make your space unique.

First of all you must be aware that a blogger is a person dedicated to creating content through the publication of articles or images on a specific topic, published periodically.

There are many reasons why someone decides to create a blog, but whatever the reason in question, there is a common goal of all bloggers: get many readers and that they are satisfied with what they get through reading. The important thing is that as a blogger master the subject and you obtain information well.

Here are some recommendations for blogs:

1. – Write about topics of interest

Carefully select content to publish in order that these are attractive and of interest to your readers.

2. – Choose a catchy title

The title is the gateway to the content of your article. Choose one that is attractive, preferably not too long, as this will get your readers to open that door.

3. – Care for content

If it costs you begin writing the article is better that you leave it for another time. Be patient and wait until you get the inspiration. Better quality than quantity.

The content of your article should be quality, clear, concrete, concise, structured, delivering on your objectives, whether to analyze, entertain, inform, entertain, and so on.

Before publishing the article reread the text several times to make sure that there are no errors in spelling and writing you everything you want to transmit.

It is important never copy material from other sites. It is best to use references or links.

4. – Take care of the style

You must care for the style, content structuring, dividing it into paragraphs, using bullets and making subtitles off when the article is long, in order to facilitate the reading of it.

5. – Quote your sources

To give more credibility to the information that you offer in your article, it is important that cites sources where you got them, either naming them, or putting links that lead the reader to further reading of the information.

6. – Enrich the content

Where necessary you must include images, video or audio that can enrich the content of the article and facilitate the understanding of it by readers.

7. – Consider search engines

Although you write freely, without the constant pressure to consider techniques to optimize your position in search engines, don’t forget that many of the visits occur through the results given by search engines.

For that, we recommend using the title and article content for the keywords you’re interested readers can find your item in search engines.

8. – Be consistent

Whether you write too often or not, tries to keep pace as steady as possible to your readers accustomed to a certain periodicity.

Note the difference between breaking news and timeless issues. You should have saved some of the latter to publish in the absence of current issues to discuss.

9. – Interact with your readers

You should be aware of the comments that your readers can leave and take care of moderate and respond to the publication. Feedback through comments of readers can come to greatly enrich your work as a blogger.

10. – Be patient

At first many readers will not comment, but over time, with your work, your dedication and your ability, you will get occasional readers to become regular readers and faithful followers of your blog.

11. – Link To Social Networking

Social networks are a working tool of great potential, so it is important to lean on them and do not forget that your blog should have its own space on the major networks as an extension and promotion of your work between your followers community.

12. – Enjoy your work

Whether you write your blog out of sheer hobby or if it’s a professional job, you get better results and greater satisfaction if you enjoy what you do and having fun doing it, because it always ends up transcending your readers.

12+1. – Grows as blogger

If over time your perseverance and effort you have to have a blog for over a year, give yourself to yourself the opportunity to register in blogs contests organized by online media. This as a reward for yourself. Luck!

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