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Advertising in blogs with Web Analytics

Escrito por Miguel Angel Ivars Mas en AdLemons news · Tuesday 11 de October de 2011 ·
AdLemons stats advertising in blogs

Hello everyone, this summer we haven’t stopped too and now after the inclusion of the CPM campaigns, inclusion of Flash or the English version, these days we will start to show you some of the results of these efforts summer.

One of improvements that was demanded by our largest customers, especially the agencies, was the possibility to measure quantitatively the advertisement investment. To do this, today we launched campaign statistics. The new view of campaign details, completely redesigned offering all the necessary information we were collecting so far without show. Now you will know the performance of the campaign in volume parameters, in quantity.

So now, the campaign once purchased, the advertiser can view real-time total data of the campaign, as the times it has served the banners in the absolute indicator: Impressions, the audience reached in the indicator: Unique users, visits has send to the client page in Clicks and performance in % CTR (Click Through Rate) and the total cost of it, and purchase date of the campaign.

Then in a second section in more detail, you can find the chart of impressions, clicks and unique visitors per day, to see how the campaign evolves almost in real time.

Finally, in order to fit more accurately in detail, you will see that part of the total volume for each blog, as well as we did before, that period is shown each blog and a preview of the banner used in each blog.

Thus, when the agencies purchased a campaign can offer their own customers reporting system that has happened in each case, and on this basis, improve results, optimizing these campaigns, thus obtaining the best performance ever.

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