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Alternatives to closure’s Feedburner

Escrito por Miguel Angel Ivars Mas en Social Media · Tuesday 27 de November de 2012 ·
Alternatives to closure's Feedburner

Alternatives to closure's Feedburner

Feedburner, the most popular feeds manager in the world, was founded in 2004 by Dick Costolo (now CEO of Twitter) and others, and as perhaps any remember Google bought in 2007 for around 100 million.

The service offered feed subscription stats, a way to monetize and manage both for feed readers and subscribe via email, seems to be putting the final throes of life before it closed.

No official communication from Google, but it looks like it will not take long:

And since the closing services is not new to Google, as it has done before with PostRank for example, they bought and closed in May 2011 on behalf of Analytics, or other various services such as Google Reader, to focus the entire flow of information consumption, and efforts to Google+, indeed emerged a group of people with intent to prevent its closure.

So it’s time to see some alternatives to Feedburner, before they give the shock and we lose our subscribers.

Subscription management services (feed and mail) and subscription statistics:

Feed subscription services only via mail:

WordPress Plugins to manage subscriptions:

And finally we leave a few articles that will explain now do migration (in Spanish):

Alternativas a Feedburner en AyudaWordpress
Alternativas a Feedburner en Dondado

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