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Introducing AdLemons Mobile

Escrito por Limoncete en AdLemons news · Tuesday 25 de June de 2013 · Sin comentarios 
AdLemons Mobile


We are proud to introduce AdLemons Mobile today, on what we’ve been working for that blogs have a space on the small screens with their own mobile native app.

From today, influential blogs that request from My Blogs tab on AdLemons panel may have a free mobile application for your blog, which will allow them to expand their audience and readers can access contents of blog easily and instantly from smartphones or tablets.

Unlike the mobile web version have some blogs, these apps are downloaded from the App store for most loyal readers of the blog, generating brand and reaching a wider audience and can be accessed to blog with a click.

The apps include notifications of the latest articles and news via PUSH technology. Articles may also be saved as favorites and share them on social networks. As well as access to blog content without Internet connection. For more information on the benefits and technical features, you can see the section Bloggers.

Some of the first blogs that already have their own mobile applications are:,,, which you can download from App store today. Like some of the commercial blog networks as:, that will be available for download shortly. If you want yours so you just have to check Plans.

From here, we want to thank the support of our main development partner: Develapps, a company with offices in London and Valencia and mobile technology specialists, also awarded the prize for the best Spanish app by GOW.

Thus AdLemons enters on mobile marketing, and from right now allowing our customers the option of advertising on mobile media, placing their marks wherever they are most relevant. This breakthrough will allow greater scope in campaigns and better branding.

Because just as the advertisers and agencies buy advertising space for AdLemons blogs, from now may do it as well in mobile and tablets apps, opening their range of options from our platform in multi channel.

This commitment to mobile marketing in blogs, allows companies located where the end user is more segmented, as these downloaded on their own mobile phones applications blogs are most appreciated and usually being the most suitable place to find advanced Profile hearing more capable of limitations in their environment.

Coupled with this, we note that the advertisers who choose this option for their advertising campaigns, shall enjoy full role in the application, which may be an advertiser at a time for contract period, thus hogging all the attention users interested in your topic. For more details check section: Advertisers.

If as a developer you would like to be part of this project and develop apps influential blogs, visit the developers section, where you explain the benefits of Mobile Developer Partner Program of AdLemons.

What are you waiting for download the apps or request your own?

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Mentions in blogs in AdLemons

Escrito por Limoncete en AdLemons news · Monday 18 de June de 2012 · Sin comentarios 
mentions in blogs

If something has been asked since we started AdLemons have been the possibility by both bloggers to receive requests for mentions, and by the advertisers request them from the bloggers, so just as easily as they did in AdLemons with banners.

So, as many were expecting ..Welcome to the blog mentions of AdLemons! Continuar leyendo

AdLemons plugin for WordPress

Escrito por Miguel Angel Ivars Mas en AdLemons news · Thursday 3 de November de 2011 · Sin comentarios 

In AdLemons we don’t stop, and proof is that today we launch AdLemons plugin for WordPress.

plugin wordpress adlemons

AdLemons plugin installed in WordPress

Continuar leyendo

AdLemons app for Google Chrome

Escrito por Miguel Angel Ivars Mas en AdLemons news · Wednesday 19 de October de 2011 · Sin comentarios 
AdLemons Google Chrome Store

Each day we try to make AdLemons easier and among the ways easy to use is being more and more accessible for our users. Continuar leyendo

Advertising in blogs with Web Analytics

Escrito por Miguel Angel Ivars Mas en AdLemons news · Tuesday 11 de October de 2011 · Sin comentarios 
AdLemons stats advertising in blogs

Hello everyone, this summer we haven’t stopped too and now after the inclusion of the CPM campaigns, inclusion of Flash or the English version, these days we will start to show you some of the results of these efforts summer. Continuar leyendo

AdLemons, now in english too

Escrito por Miguel Angel Ivars Mas en AdLemons news · Thursday 21 de July de 2011 · Sin comentarios 
AdLemons in english

AdLemons opens a little more to the world, with the addition of English language, initiating a process of internationalization.

From today you can use AdLemons platform in two languages: ​​English and Spanish. This possibility together with the inclusion of CPM model in blog campaigns, and use of Flash creatives, was requested during a long time by many of our international customers and are already a fact.

A few weeks ago we translated our website which is now available, and today it was the turn of the platform.

But from now, not only can use platform in English, but also be able to register network of blogs and blogs in English from worldwide. And too, advertisers and agencies will can create campaigns to globally.

All a world of possibilities that expand horizons and perspectives in advertising on blogs and we hope you enjoy.

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