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Migration options after closing

Escrito por María José Ivars en Blogosphere · Monday 15 de April de 2013 · Sin comentarios 
Migration options after closing

Migration options after closing

After purchasing publishing platform Posterous by Twitter in March of last year,  30th of April this service so popular will no longer exist, as announced in a post on his own blog a month ago, to join his team definitely the Twitter team. But before it disappears completely, users with the blog (called Spaces) on that platform, can migrate their content to other publishing platforms, or at least make a backup of your Spaces to keep all the work you have done so far.

We leave a few articles where they talk about the possible migration:

Migrating to these platforms have the additional ability to monetize your blog with banners or mentions AdLemons by choosing the price you and the advertisers who appear. If you have any doubts, you can get in touch with us through our contact form will be happy to help you.

Another alternative is simply stored the contents published no more. To download all posts, videos, images of the blog, the link of your blog that you have put in the beginning it says, but I leave it here:

  1. Go to
  2. Click to request a backup of your Space by clicking “Request Backup” next to your Space name.
  3. When your backup is ready, you’ll receive an email.
  4. Return to to download a .zip file.

We hope you will be helpful, since AdLemons be happy to have you in our community.

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What Would Seth Godin Do:

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New section #TodaysBlog: El Capitalista Infiel

Escrito por María José Ivars en Blogosphere · Wednesday 10 de April de 2013 · Sin comentarios 
New section #TodaysBlog: El Capitalista Infiel

New section #TodaysBlog: El Capitalista Infiel

Starting today, we will have a new section on the blog, which recommend a featured blog, of all blogs that are added daily to our Lemoner’s family. We intend with this new section to present some of our blogs that stand out is their different themes, enriching the community with their contributions.

Blogs highlight, being the most followed in its subject, or have more followers on Twitter or likes on Facebook or a high score on the LemonRank and the quality of the blog content or the frequency in which you write, in the end the most is working on maintaining a quality blog, which is not an easy job and costs to maintain and need a lot of perseverance, and therefore somehow we make a small tribute from here in recognition of this work. We will also include those who we think have potential and deserve to be discovered by more readers.

So, the first blog that we will begin this section is El Capitalista Infiel, this blog of blogger from Salmanca (Spain): Miguel Osuna Calle is filed in AdLemons categories: Marketing, Humor and Internet, and is defined as a blog that talks on ways to make money online and save.

Provides daily interviews, tips, video tutorials, so we can make money with various online platforms there such as a car sharing site or profit from your account allowing twitter advertising, or puts on the table various advertising platforms to see which is the most profitable looking their differences.

We believe it is a blog that gives good advice to make life a little easier for some issues that may arise in online day to day.

You can follow the blog on Facebook:

And on Twitter: (personal Twitter account of author)

How to create a Twitter user and Facebook page of your blog

Escrito por María José Ivars en Blogosphere · Thursday 28 de March de 2013 · Sin comentarios 
How to create a Twitter user and Facebook page of your blog

How to create a Twitter user and Facebook page of your blog

If you have a blog, one of the most important things to make it known, is to have a presence on major social networks that exist such as Twitter and Facebook, so that the post you write can be spread through social networks and thus their RT, Likes and sharing, in this way your blog becomes known by more people.

You just have to register at, to create you a profile of Twitter-related blog. Ideally, you upload a picture with the logo of the blog, and keep in mind to fill in the info of your Twitter bio, putting a brief description of the topic and the url of your blog. Each time you write a post, remember to throw to Twitter to increase your followers, that way, the followers who follow us will hear the first of you have posted a new article on your blog.

And the same on Facebook, if as we suspect you are already registered, enter and hit the green button + Create Page and following the steps you indicated you choosing one of the six options for shaping the profile to page of your blog. Similarly, every time we write an article will post it on our Facebook page of the blog, so that all our fans will find out the page and access the new content we’ve created.

It is recommended that the name that we both Twitter and Facebook that references the url to the blog, to create a consistent brand on our blog.

In the future, we will talk here about WordPress plugins to automatically publish the post on Facebook and Twitter.

How to optimize sidebar of your blog

Escrito por María José Ivars en Blogosphere · Thursday 21 de March de 2013 · Sin comentarios 
How to optimize sidebar of your blog

How to optimize sidebar of your blog

Occasionally, we find blogs that are excessive for us to be content loaded in the sidebar, or by many banners, widgets or many links, photos, videos or many, etc …

Ideally, the sidebar has little content, it is a bit annoying for the user who is full of great information, and saturates the reader may hinder navigation on the blog as well fails to load.

In the sidebar is better than just have widgets just, it is important for readers to follow your blog content for the various social networks, so it is essential widgets such as Facebook and twitter. We also have two or three banner ads (more, if large, may be excessive), and the form and archiving of the post written each month, so that the reader can see the contents of months, and he inadvertently invites account to stay longer in the blog.

It is also recommended to add the blog categories, so that if you are interested in a particular topic can navigate through them, and it’s always an easy way to find a post on that category.

Making these small adjustments and taking into account not be excessive, the blog will have a simple image to the eye and easy to read, you will not have trouble loading the page, and will be much more enjoyable for the reader, and without realizing not only consult a post but several, and even recommend it to their friends.

Alternatives to Google Reader Shut down

Escrito por María José Ivars en Blogosphere · Thursday 14 de March de 2013 · Sin comentarios 
Alternatives to Google Reader Shut down

Alternatives to Google Reader Shut down

Today we got up with the bomb news that Google Reader will shut down from July 1. It seems that Google wants to bet more on G+ and Google Currents, although Currents is more focused on media such newspapers and magazines. Continuar leyendo

How to add comments in Tumblr

Escrito por María José Ivars en Blogosphere · Wednesday 13 de March de 2013 · Sin comentarios 
How to add comments in Tumblr

How to add comments in Tumblr

AdLemons are recorded daily in all kinds of blogs, and some of these inscriptions are blogging platform Tumblr, but this system has the peculiarity of not having by default with the opportunity to comment on the post. Therefore, if you decide to host your blog on Tumblr and want monetize through AdLemons, you have to know that one of AdLemons rules for approval and to work the blog with us, is to have the ability to comment in the blog, so let to see a way to have comments on Tumblr. Continuar leyendo

12+1 tips for writing blogs

Escrito por Margarita Morales Esparza en Blogosphere · Friday 2 de March de 2012 · Sin comentarios 

12+1 Consejos para escribir blogs de calidad

If you’re part of the blogosphere or you set out to introduce you to this, it is good to analyze the work you’ve done so far, or that take into account ideas and tips to make your space unique.

First of all you must be aware that a blogger is a person dedicated to creating content through the publication of articles or images on a specific topic, published periodically. Continuar leyendo

Infographic: Some data about blogging World

Escrito por Limoncete en Blogosphere · Thursday 13 de October de 2011 · Sin comentarios 

Sometimes we are not aware of the magnitude of blogs today, but this graphics of “The World of Blogging“, give us a few interesting numbers. Continuar leyendo

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