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How to leverage new hashtags Facebook

Escrito por Miguel Angel Ivars Mas en Social Media · Tuesday 18 de June de 2013 · Sin comentarios 
How to leverage new hashtags Facebook

How to leverage new hashtags Facebook

For a week now, already are available on Facebook hashtags. A function in high demand by users and is finally a reality of large social network.

As an evolution of the tags used in blogs, the hashtag was born from the hand of Chris Messina and boosted user community use, until finally joined Twitter in an official way, and today is a fundamental part. Following its success in network microbloging, have incorporated many other social networks like Google+, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, Vine. And in today already crossed borders, taking something off the Internet everyday in the world of communication and media such as radio, television, and is already used everywhere.

But.. How do the hashtags on Facebook? And what are differences regarding Twitter hashtags?

It’s simple, every time you post an update to Facebook add a pad in front of a word, this word becomes a link automatically hashtag, allowing all users to click on it and access all the information that has been posted on Facebook about this issue (using the hashtag). Thus, Facebook helps 1.1 million users to participate in the public conversation world’s largest, by pooling all posts on a particular topic.

New functionality already is even available in The search engine of Facebook, where entering #TopicSearched give us the option to find all available results on this topic. What has not currently implemented functionalities Facebook are Global and local trending topic, as has Twitter to know which is the most talked rankig in real time. At least for now.

Another difference is that since Facebook can control the range of your messages with hashtags, deciding whether it will come only to your friends, to a specific list, or if it will be public, thus reaching hashtags now with a global reach.

Among the rules to keep in mind when using hashtags are not to enter spaces between the word and the pad, and if you use a hashtag composed of more than one word as could be #socialnetworks not contain spaces in between, and to make it more readable we can choose to capitalize the first letter of each word that makes up the hashtag and #SocialNeworks, as the character case are not taken into account as distinctive.

For faster access to a hashtag of Facebook, instead of using the search engine, we can also directly use the url in the above example would be:

Also, when we are in a search results page of a specific hashtag to post will have a field which already include the hashtag we wanted to if we want to be part of our post.

Although as we said last week already operating, it will become hasgtags links all previously published, because the measure is not imposed retroactively. This means that new hashtag only have the option to be used as such. If that will become valid hashtags coming from other social networks such as being equally valid Isntagram Facebook.

That said, to enjoy this new option and make a good use and not abuse. ;)

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Infographic The state of SMM on Q2 2013

Escrito por Limoncete en Social Media · Tuesday 28 de May de 2013 · Sin comentarios 

We share with you an interesting infographic vía Alfredo Vela, in it we can see the status of Social Media Marketing in the second quarter of 2013.

Q2 2013 The state of SMM

Q2 2013 The state of SMM

#TodaysBlog: Wwwhat’s New

Escrito por María José Ivars en Social Media · Tuesday 23 de April de 2013 · Sin comentarios 
#TodaysBlog: Wwwhat's New

#TodaysBlog: Wwwhat's New

Today in our blog section #TodaysBlog we have Wwwhat’s New, this blog is of Juan Diego Polo, Spanish who lives in Brazil, PoolDigital CEO and author of book: Twitter for those who do not use Twitter.

Stands out as one of the most followed blogs Spanish blogosphere, but has its Portuguese version for Brazil, is that since 2005 is a reference reporting daily on the latest applications, marketing and web news and features a large community with over 47,000 Likes you on their Facebook page and over 65,000 followers on Twitter.

It is a blog that is classified in AdLemons as issues as: Internet, News online, Web design and development, and is described itself as:

.. A blog that discusses every day several free applications on the web. Services that you can be useful to draw, manage tasks, make friends, find restaurants ..

As you see a blog very interesting and varied, where he speak about super-practical issues and to enable all those who continue to learn and know the latest news of Internet apps and barely come to light.

We leave also link directly to AdLemons Marketplace so you can see his profile and you may buy his ads: Wwwhat’s New profile on AdLemons Marketplace

Alternatives to closure’s Feedburner

Escrito por Miguel Angel Ivars Mas en Social Media · Tuesday 27 de November de 2012 · Sin comentarios 
Alternatives to closure's Feedburner

Alternatives to closure's Feedburner

Feedburner, the most popular feeds manager in the world, was founded in 2004 by Dick Costolo (now CEO of Twitter) and others, and as perhaps any remember Google bought in 2007 for around 100 million.

The service offered feed subscription stats, a way to monetize and manage both for feed readers and subscribe via email, seems to be putting the final throes of life before it closed. Continuar leyendo

[Infographic] #EBE12: EBEvolution

Escrito por Limoncete en Social Media · Saturday 3 de November de 2012 · Sin comentarios 

This weekend, as you all know, is celebrate EBE 2012 in Seville Spain, and because this year we could not go and we are fans at the event, from AdLemons we wanted to honor him by creating a special infographic abotu your impressive carrer to date, we leave EBEvolution, Benja Benet design, hope you enjoy it as much as us. Continuar leyendo

[Infographic] How Pinterest Drives Online Sales

Escrito por Limoncete en Social Media · Monday 29 de October de 2012 · Sin comentarios 

Amazing infographic made by Shopify about how Pinterest representing a source of traffic and online sales. We leave you the infographic below for you to take a look. Continuar leyendo

Trick to promote the blog from Facebook

Escrito por Limoncete en Social Media · Thursday 11 de October de 2012 · Sin comentarios 

Sometimes Brands create his account in Facebook, but then fail to either updade, or if they do, not know very well how to use them.

Sometimes they do one thing well, such as copy and paste industry news, posting the links of the blog post or newspaper article that wrote the news directly on the Facebook wall. Thus at least kept alive their profiles, and share information related to your industry, but lose the opportunity to express their opinion, and what is more important loyalty over the user as your company blog. Continuar leyendo

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