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How to optimize sidebar of your blog

Escrito por María José Ivars en Blogosphere · Thursday 21 de March de 2013 ·
How to optimize sidebar of your blog

How to optimize sidebar of your blog

Occasionally, we find blogs that are excessive for us to be content loaded in the sidebar, or by many banners, widgets or many links, photos, videos or many, etc …

Ideally, the sidebar has little content, it is a bit annoying for the user who is full of great information, and saturates the reader may hinder navigation on the blog as well fails to load.

In the sidebar is better than just have widgets just, it is important for readers to follow your blog content for the various social networks, so it is essential widgets such as Facebook and twitter. We also have two or three banner ads (more, if large, may be excessive), and the form and archiving of the post written each month, so that the reader can see the contents of months, and he inadvertently invites account to stay longer in the blog.

It is also recommended to add the blog categories, so that if you are interested in a particular topic can navigate through them, and it’s always an easy way to find a post on that category.

Making these small adjustments and taking into account not be excessive, the blog will have a simple image to the eye and easy to read, you will not have trouble loading the page, and will be much more enjoyable for the reader, and without realizing not only consult a post but several, and even recommend it to their friends.

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