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Escrito por Limoncete en blog networks · Wednesday 9 de January de 2013 ·
redes de blogs

redes de blogs

We started the year with high hopes and new projects in AdLemons, first of all, is relaunching, the largest .. List, list, ranking, directory, top, base, or whatever you call it, blog networks in Spanish (for now) already had a running time, and now we give a facelift to make it more clean and complete.

It brings together over 158 blog networks, Spanish-speaking, both of Spanish origin, as South American, with many interesting facts and details of each blog network like traffic: impressions, users, size: the number of blogs , its CEO / responsible, the country of origin, their Twitter and Facebook accounts, etc..

Is valuable information for the whole sector, to give value to the work that is being done by all networks of blogs, which is something. A model farm, the network of blogs, a media so popular today as in the blog, which has not said what he had to say so far, and that despite the boom of 2007 in Spanish language, which created hundreds of blog networks in Spain, now, after the initial euphoria, which are left in a more serious bet for quality content, and consolidated their business model, and many others, unfortunately, are fell by the wayside, but also the level we wanted to collect historical documents, and you can see in the section on inactive blog networks.

The list is sortable by each column allowing explore information as we like and you can choose the number of rows to display. In each network, we can access their profile in detail, your contact form and more. The idea is to continue keeping it as complete and useful as possible for everyone, and as soon as we are almost ready to do collaborative, Wiki-style, or TechCrunch Base Angel List, and if some data is missing or has eluded us from AdLemons that we can keep you updated to all but you do not own a network of blogs. Although the easiest way to keep abreast, is as always, if you have a network of blogs, register it in AdLemons, ensuring appropriate update on a site as seen by the entire industry.

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